Hidden Haus Booking Terms and Conditions


1.1. Hidden Haus permits the hirer to access the premises at only the times requested at time of booking.

1.2. Hidden Haus reserves the right to remove any hirers, guests, contractors, invitees and/or, equipment or possessions that break any of the obligations of the hirer as outlined in these Terms and Conditions.

1.3. Hidden Haus has security cameras fitted to monitor use of the space and ensure no access is made to
the store rooms or offices at all times.


2.1.The charges payable by the hirer shall be those set out by Hidden Haus in the confirmation of the Booking Request Form. Hidden Haus reserves the right to change charges at any time without prior notification.

2.2. A non refunadble fully transferable booking deposit of $100 is to be paid within 7 days of Booking Confirmation to secure event date and time.

2.3. The total Hire Fees must be paid in full at least 10 days prior to the event, unless otherwise negotiated in writing.

2.4. The hirer shall pay the Hire Fee and any additional charges payable before or on the dates outlined or incur a late fee of 10% of the initial charge per week.

2.5. Discounts applicable for Not-For-Profit Company events, or Workshop/Class events are at the discretion of Hidden Haus and the hirer may be requested to provide proof of Not-For-Profit status, or of Workshop or Class details.

2.6. See cleaning 7.1 for cleaning fees

2.7. There is a $200 bond payable for all bookings. For events after 5pm on Friday, Saturday, Sunday the bond is $350 refundable. Once the venue has been inspected that no damages or additional hire items have occurred this bond will be refunded to your nominated account. Please note accessing any of the store rooms or offices results in the immediate loss of bond. These areas are strictly out of bounds.


3.1. Where notice of cancellation is given by the hirer more than 21 days before the time of the event booking, any deposit and fees paid shall be refunded by Hidden Haus.

3.2. Where notice of cancellation is given less than 21 days before the time of the event, any booking deposit paid by the hirer shall be considered forfeit, but remaining fees paid shall be refunded.

3.3. If a hirer cancels a booking less than 14 days prior to the time set for the use of the premises, the full Hire Fee and Additional Charges for the hire of the premises shall be paid by the hirer in entirety.

3.4. Hidden Haus shall not be held liable for any interference, disruption, or enforced cancellation of any part of a booking which is caused by civil disturbance, industrial action, terrorism, natural disaster, or circumstance beyond its control.

3.5. Hidden Haus, at its discretion, may prohibit any performance or function which, in its sole opinion, is considered objectionable, dangerous, is contrary to law, or could be detrimental to the good standing and reputation of Hidden Haus. In such case, the hirer shall be deemed to have consented to said prohibition by agreeing to these Terms and Conditions at time of booking, and Hidden Haus shall not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by the hirer in direct or indirect consequence of this prohibition.

3.6. Covid 19 cancellation—For all bookings where the WA Government reintroduces phased restrictions your booking deposit is fully refundable only if the booking requirements fall outside of what is allowed during that restriction period. If there is a date in place for lifting of restrictions then any booking outside of those dates will have normal cancellation terms as per points 3.1-3.5.


4.1. The hirer indemnifies and keeps indemnified Hidden Haus against all losses, expenses, liabilities, claims and damages incurred as a result of or arising out of the hiring of the premises caused by any act or omission of the hirer, its agents or invitees.

4.2. If a hirer holds public liability insurance that is current at the time of the event, then any incidents or accidents at the premises come under the policies outlined in the hirer’s or any of their agents’ public liability insurance. In such case, the hirer must provide a current copy of any public liability insurance policies.


5.1. Hidden Haus reserves the right to request removal of any public reference, image, video or audio, including those on social media, which, in its sole opinion, are considered objectionable, dangerous, is contrary to law, or could be detrimental to the good standing and reputation of Hidden Haus.

5.2. The hirer must obtain confirmation of booking by email or in writing before publicising the use of the venue. The hirer shall not make any statement in any advertising, which directly or indirectly falsely implies that the use for which the venue is hired is conducted or promoted by Hidden Haus unless clear partnership arrangements have been established.

Observance of Laws

6.1. The hirer shall comply with all rules and policies of the Local Council and with the provisions of all other Acts and Regulations applicable to the hirer, and shall indemnify and keep indemnified Hidden Haus against all such losses, expenses, liabilities, claims and damages incurred as a results of the hirer’s breach of any such Act, Statute, Rule or Regulation.

6.2. The hirer agrees to indemnify Hidden Haus against loss or damage it suffers if the hirer, or a person admitted to the premises during the period of hire, a) Damages or destroys any property; b) Injures any person; c) Fails to observe any of the hirer’s obligations under this agreement.

6.3. The hirer shall not permit patrons to the premises more than the Estimated Attendance requested at time of booking. The total number of attendees in the premises at one time may not exceed 100 persons.

6.4. The hirer shall not transfer or sub-let a right of the hirer under this agreement to another person.

Cleaning and Good Order

7.1. Cleaning is the responsibility of the hirer. For day hire if the hirer chooses to ensure all spaces are left as they were found including wall markings, toilets, kitchen and venue floor then no cleaning fee is required. For all evening events smaller function incur a $150 cleaning fee and larger events (and all 21st) incur a $250 cleaning fee. All rubbish is still required to be removed from the premises unless arranged otherwise for all events.

7.2. The premises must returned to how it was found regardless of the cleaning fee.

7.3. The premises must be tidy and empty within the hours set out in the hire time.

7.4. Excepting fair wear and tear, the hirer shall be liable to Hidden Haus for any damage to the premises or to any fittings, equipment, furniture, or other property, which occurs during the period of hiring. The cost of fixing any damages will be removed from the Bond return, or otherwise negotiated if the cost exceeds that of the Bond.

Consumption of Liquor, Beverage, Food and Smoking

8.1.The hirer shall not sell any liquor, beverage, food or refreshment on any part of the premises hired unless specifically approved by Hidden Haus and with the appropriate licenses, permits and Responsible Service of Alcohol legislative requirements. For information: www.rgl.wa.gov.au. A copy of all certificates and licenses to be forwarded to Hidden Haus prior to commencement of event.

8.2. For the serving of any liquor on the premise, through a contractor or caterer/s the hirer is to ensure Approved Manager and staff serving alcohol have approved certificates related to the supervision and Responsible Service of Alcohol.

8.3. If the hirer is providing Alcohol as a private party than the hirer must ensure the responsible service of Alcohol at all times.

8.4. Hidden Haus’s internal warehouse is strictly non-smoking. We prefer no smoking on premises, but we can provide you with a ‘Designated Smoking’ sign for you to place outdoors at your discretion. It is the responsibility of the hirer to supervise and provide sand buckets for the disposing of cigarette butts. Disposing of cigarette butts on premises outside the designated areas by the hirer or any of the hirer’s guests may result in the forfeiture of the hirer’s bond in full.


9.1. Decorations within the premises must not leave any permanent damage or marks to the premises, fixtures or furniture.

9.2. Open flames, e.g. candles, must be kept inside a container, e.g. glass jar or candle holder, or placed on an appropriate flame proof plate or base.

9.3. Any damage due to decorations, hirer materials or equipment, fire, smoke or candle wax, is the responsibility of the hirer and costs to fix or clean any damages will be the responsibility of the hirer.


10.1. Unless otherwise agreed, access to the premises will only be permitted during the hire period.

10.2. The hirer agrees to retrieve and return the key to the premises from the pin-pad lockbox at the entrance to the premises using the Pin-Code provided within the hours of the agreed hire period. The hirer will be responsible for any loss, damage, or replacements to the key, pin-pad, or door and window locks occurring during their hire period. If the pin-pad lockbox is not available, the hirer will return the key to the address provided within 12 hours of the event.

10.3. Staff of Hidden Haus may be in attendance in and around the premises during the hire period without notice.

10.4. Hidden Haus staff reserve the right to eject a person or persons from the premises, or refuse entry to the premises, or terminate any activity if, in his/her reasonable judgement, the person or persons are not adhering to the conditions of this agreement, or are otherwise acting against any Local or Federal Laws.


11.1. Any disputes between the hirer and Hidden Haus arising from or in relation to any hiring of the premises from the Term and Conditions of Hire may be referred by either party to an independent arbiter of choice for determining whose decision shall be binding on all parties.


12.1. While children are always welcome at Hidden Haus, children must be supervised at all times by a responsible adult.

By booking our venue, you agree to these terms and conditions.

To secure your booking once confirmed, a Booking Deposit of $100 is to be paid within 7 days to secure your booking (unless otherwise stated). Total fees must be paid at least 10days prior to the event.